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Minus 30 Degrees Celcius / -22 Farhenheit

I had always wanted to visit someplace cold. Very cold. For example Siberia and Lake Baikal in winters. Or Svalbard in Norway, which happens to be the northernmost city in the world which I wanted to visit after reading Michael Palin’s book Pole to Pole. Little did I know that such extremes exist within India itself! The Zanskar valley in J&K, which has the Zanskar river flowing through it is cold. Very cold. So cold that the river freezes! A blanket of ice, a few feet thick forms. This lasts for a couple of months. The chadar trek is a trek about 60-70 km long and you can do sections of it. I went along with a community called “Indiahikes”. I had done a skiing program with them earlier, so I knew they handle such excursions well. The Chadar forms early Jan and melts away end of Feb/early Mar. If you were wondering about how cold -30 celcius is, let me assure you , it is cold! Unless you are in multiple layers.

Since this is more of a photo blog post, here are a few pictures:




















Which are some of the coldest places you have visited?

Dreamy Horsley Hills

Postcards from a place called Horsley hills, a small quaint place in Andhra Pradesh, about 170kms from Bangalore. Good for a 1 or 2 day getaway. There is nothing much to do here. There is no ‘lake’  nor ‘boating’. Barring one ‘view-point’, there are no ‘must-see’ spots. There is no botanical garden nor are there any vendors selling roasted corn-on-cob or salted cucumber or ‘Amul’ ice cream in a push cart. If you want a simple getaway with only the chirping of birds and the sound of the gushing winds all day long, go there! Take along a book or some games to keep yourself occupied. Accommodation options are very few and the only decent option is the APTDC which have very nice cottages and room. When I visited last weekend, the entire place was covered in mist all throughout and the place had a very dreamy feel to it in the evening and night. Here are a few pictures, bordering obscure and abstract. I am not putting any day time pictures to add a sense of suspense and mystery about the place. ImageImage 




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Bitcoins And Why You Should Watch This Video First

The world has been swept by a new currency- Bitcoin. It is a very interesting concept which has seen increased acceptance globally due to lack of trust in current currency systems and government policies, especially in Europe. 


But before you start exploring the nuances of the bitcoin currency, here is a must watch documentary on the very concept of money.. What is the note or coin that you hold in your hand? What does it mean? How inflation and deflation works? It is answered very effectively in this video. 



The Great Indian “Revert”

re·vert·vert·ed, re·vert·ing, re·verts
1. To return to a former state, condition, practice, subject, or belief.
2. Law To return to the former owner or to the former owner’s heirs. Used of money or property.
3. Genetics To undergo reversion.

Indians often use the word “Revert” out of context. It is used as a synonym for “Respond” or “Reply”. This is incorrect. “Revert” does NOT mean “reply or respond”. 
To give an example , had a post earlier today which said: 
At the event, a few Big Data startups will have a chance to pitch their startups to Accel Partners and Amr, the CTO and Co-Founder of Cloudera and get direct feedback.  If you’re interested in this opportunity, do fill out this form and we shall revert to you.
Now, when the above article says “revert” , they mean respond. I am not sure when/where/how this incorrect usage started, but it is increasingly being used – in print media, articles, websites, official communications, emails (“revert to me soon” and “revert to me with details”)
For example, the above article should have said: 
If you’re interested in this opportunity, do fill out this form and we shall get back to you. 
If you’re interested in this opportunity, do fill out this form and we shall respond. 
If you’re interested in this opportunity, do fill out this form and we shall reply. 
The true meaning of revert is “to return to an original state” and not “to respond”. The correct usage of “revert” is best illustrated by this example. 
After the firm’s employees found a spelling mistake in their company’s new logo, they reverted to their old logo.

 I hope that this blogpost and rant atleast prevents a few people from incorrectly using “revert” after reading this. 

Life Expectancy In Water

Some interesting statistics with respect to life expectancy in water. Good to know the next time you fall overboard or into a river or are marooned at sea. 



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Hello world (Reloaded)

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Bye blogspot and aloha WordPress! I’ve moved from my previous blog at If you’ve reached here from blogspot, kudos to you for staying with me !