Dreamy Horsley Hills

Postcards from a place called Horsley hills, a small quaint place in Andhra Pradesh, about 170kms from Bangalore. Good for a 1 or 2 day getaway. There is nothing much to do here. There is no ‘lake’  nor ‘boating’. Barring one ‘view-point’, there are no ‘must-see’ spots. There is no botanical garden nor are there any vendors selling roasted corn-on-cob or salted cucumber or ‘Amul’ ice cream in a push cart. If you want a simple getaway with only the chirping of birds and the sound of the gushing winds all day long, go there! Take along a book or some games to keep yourself occupied. Accommodation options are very few and the only decent option is the APTDC which have very nice cottages and room. When I visited last weekend, the entire place was covered in mist all throughout and the place had a very dreamy feel to it in the evening and night. Here are a few pictures, bordering obscure and abstract. I am not putting any day time pictures to add a sense of suspense and mystery about the place. ImageImage 




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