One Reason Why Street Photographers Should Start With B/W.

It has only been a few months since I have developed an interest for ‘street’ photography among other genres of photography. The street is where the action and drama is. Streets have perhaps the most important and compelling compositional entity of a photograph – People!  When I was presenting at the Open Show Bangalore , I was asked why I showcased my pictures in black and white(b/w). I did not have an answer then. Now I do. The answer is because I am an amateur and while shooting I have 1 less aspect of a photograph to worry about.


Kathmandu Bhaktapur Up In Smoke

Nepal –  Bhaktapur –  Up In Smoke

Equality ?

Equality ?


As I have mostly seen, the very subtle differences in composition and framing makes the difference between a bad photograph and a good one. I feel with color out of the mind, an amateur(like me) can concentrate more on the composition and framing and have 1 less element (of color) to worry about.

Probably one day, when my compositions are better than what they are today, I will add color to my street pictures. If you feel otherwise, do voice  your opinion in the comments section!


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